BB-TELEMETRY: the "Live telemetry system"
new for 2020: new live telemetry system for motorsport. Check your performances in real time not only on your car but anywhere, compare your performances with other drivers. Same system used in official race competition.


Use of new DDS PRO 3 system, developed by Dataracing directly on race fields and tested for more then 9 years during the most important challanges all over the world, guarantees total trustworthiness in judgement of drivers' performances and give the opportunity to everybody to check live results


BB-Telemetry is a new "all in one" live telemetry system for motorsports. Special version available for "DRIFTING" with exclusive functionality (use anywhere, same device used in official competiotion, check datas in real-time with PC, smartphone or tablet, etc....)



On-line support 24/24h.

Support on-site available on request.