Telemetry Service (drifting competition)

Price: 2500,00 €
Reference: 4-001
  • 2 days service.
  • Telemetry and mobile application for smartphone and tablet.
  • Management of qualifying and race

DDS PRO 3 is a real telemetry. It is made by a "server" and a "client". "clients"send real time data of movement to the "server" that analyze them and calculate the points basing on the parameters set up from the organizator. The datas net is a wifi of 5,8mhz and is installed all along the track (reapeter devices are used where necessary). 

The "client" part is made by polycarbonate special boxes water and hit resistant containing an inertial platform (called IMU) - with a quad core processor based on the android system that includes an 3axis accelerometer, a gyroscope and GPS. Frequency of sampling is 50hz (50samples per second) and provide real time data of movement and position with an accuracy of 10cm. Information received by the "server" are processed real time and points are assigned basing on the pre set parameters. 

*Some cams are placed all along the tracking order to have a visual check (both manual and automatic) above all on the clip points. A cam films The cars passing near the clip point and with the visual analysis the software can determine the proximity to the clip and assign respective points. All the datas recorded by the telemetry are sent to an APP for smartphone (ios and android) and are available for the public.

*optional module (Euro 650,00)