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 Telemetry Service

Use of new DDS PRO 3 system, developed by Dataracing directly on race fields and tested for more then 4 years during the most important challanges all over the world, guarantees total trustworthiness in judgement of drivers' performances and give the opportunity to everybody to check live results.

 Full Services

Our staff is able to manage both qualifications and race with the help of DDS PRO 3 system. 

Together with telemetry, is available the Live streaming. 4 video cameras on the track will give the possibility to broadcast both qualifications and race live, with the results shown on video real-time. Streaming channel will be free and available on computer, smartphone and tablet. 

System can be bought or rented. 

Everyone can consult all the telemetry datas acquired real-time, through the free mobile app for IOS and android system



  • New Instant Replay with interactive whiteboard
  • Judge System app for judges
  • Advanced training for Data Analysis
  • 2015 Visual Analysis for clip (drifting)

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